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Frequently Asked Questions
Since 1990 the New York Wine Warehouse has offered the finest wines from around the world such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Italy and California. We have recently expanded our scope to include all upper echelon wines that we feel are worthy of our clientele.

However, being Burgundy specialists, each year we visit the top producers in their respective regions to taste their wines from both barrel and bottle before making our selections. The wines we purchase are then shipped in refrigerated containers to our cellars in New York where they are stored impeccably at 55 degrees F.

We realize that the ever expanding world of wines is difficult to navigate, especially Burgundy. We are pleased to help guide our clients through the various regions, selecting those wines that best suit their palate. This effort is to ensure, with economy, that you build a balanced cellar full of exciting wines for both now and the future.

How is the wine stored?
Our temperature controlled warehouse stores the wine at 55 degrees F.

Why do we not want to ship in the middle of winter, or summer for that matter?
We will only ship the wine when our local temperature is between 45 and 75 degrees. We have gone to enormous lenghts to get, and store, only the most pristine wine available. We think that to ruin it in shipping is not in your best interests. However, if you really want to take the chance, we will ship at your request, any time! Please send us a signed fax to that effect. Hey, it's your wine to ruin if you want!

How is the wine shipped?
Please call or email us for shipping charges and other shipping information.

How is the wine packed?
We care so much for the wine that all shipped items are packed in Styro-foam and double insulated cardboard. This helps keep the bottles safe and can help to insulate the wine from temperature changes.

What is our speciality?
We are high end Burgundy specialists. However, we also seek out and offer wines from a variety of the World's top producers. We hope to provide you with a broad selection of great wines, and especially to help you discover new and exciting treats, such as Austrian TBA's!!!

Does the web site list all of our wines?
By no means! We sell and buy at such a fast rate that we would be hard pressed to maintain a high degree of accuracy if we attempted to list all the wines. In addition, many of our selections are old, rare and in very limited supply. If you are looking for a particular wine, we recommend that you contact us by e-mail with your request.

Why don't we discount by the case?
Because we discount by the bottle! Unlike the competition, we discount from bottle one, giving you our best price right up front!!!

What is your return policy?
New York state law prohibits the return of wine.

How long will it take to deliver the wine?
Depending on the method chosen will determine the delivery days.

Regular ground: Up to 5 business days
3 day air: 3 business days
2 day air: 2 business days
Next day air: Next business day

Here is the fine print!
Please be advised that most states have enacted laws to regulate the shipment into the state of wine and other alcoholic beverages purchased in another state. Some statutes make such shipments a crime unless a permit or license is obtained. Many such laws, however, have various exceptions for wine purchased for personal consumption. Since these laws may affect your purchase from New York Wine Warehouse (NYWW), we urge you to investigate your state's law on this subject before shipping or arranging to ship any wine purchased in New York from NYWW. We are unable to assume any responsibility for assuring compliance with applicable laws, obtaining licenses or otherwise advising its valued customers on shipment laws.

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